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Family Information Edit

Parents Edit

  • Griffin Merrow (Father)
  • Belinda Merrow (Mother)

Sibling(s) Edit

  • Hank Merrow (Brother)
  • Titus Merrow (Brother)

Relationships Edit

  • Sam Kincaid (Boyfriend)

Relatives Edit

  • Birdie Caruthers (Aunt)
  • Ivy Merrow (Sister in-law)
  • Charlie Merrow (Nephew)

Book Appearance Edit

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride Edit

Book 197 206 207 215? 217-220

The Werewolf Meets His Match Edit

Book 3, 5, 18 22 23 37? 44? 45? 47 50 52-60 87-91 93? 99? 132? 136 138 139 161-164 166 234? 238? 239? 240? 246-251 254 283-293-301(Have to check this) 312 341 343

The Professor Woos the Witch Edit

Book 169 172 275

The Werewolf's Christmas Wish Edit


Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case Edit

Book 37-39 41? 51? 77? 176? 280? I think

Miss Frost Ices The Imp Edit

Kindle 1696-1730

Miss Frost Saves The Sandman Edit

Kindle 322 705-716 731

Book Mentioned Edit

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl Edit

Book 87 106

The Witch's Halloween Hero Edit

Kindle 368

The Shifter Romances The Writer Edit

Delaney Ellingham and Alex Cruz were discussion Roxy St James (human) state of mind seeing strange things in Nocturne Falls for example panther form and gills on Undrea. Alex needed his brother Diego out of the house, at the time Diego was going for the job at Howlers. Delaney asks Bridget for a favour to give Diego Cruz the job even if it doesn't last long.

83 84 90

Quotes Edit

Family Tree Edit

Griffin Merrow
Belinda Merrow
Birdie Caruthers
Hank Merrow
Ivy Merrow
Eric Prescott
Bridget Merrow
Sam Kincaid
Titus Merrow
Unborn Child
Charlie Merrow

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