Biography Edit

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Personality Edit

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Family Information Edit

Parents Edit

  • Jack Frost (Father)
  • Klara Frost neé Kringle (Mother)

Relationships Edit

  • Cooper Sullivan (ex-boyfriend)

Relatives Edit

  • Kris 'Santa Claus' Kringle (Uncle)
  • Martha Kringle (Aunt)

Friendships Edit

  • Juniper (Best Friend)
  • Buttercup (Best Friend)
  • Birdie Caruthers (Friends)
  • Delaney Ellingham (Friends)
  • Greyson Garrett (Best Friend)
  • Lark (Former Best Friend)

Book Appearance Edit

Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case Edit

Miss Frost Ices The Imp Edit

Miss Frost Saves The Sandman Edit

Quotes Edit

Family Tree Edit

Jack Frost
Klara Kringle
Santa Claus
Martha Claus
Jayne Frost

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