Profession Edit

Species Edit

Profession Edit

Family Information

Past Relationship Edit

  • Unnamed boyfriend

Children Edit

  • Saffie Williams (daughter)

Parents Edit

  • Unnamed Father
  • Corette Williams (Mother)
  • Batholomew Stanhill (Step-father)

Sibling(s) Edit

  • Charisma Williams (sister)
  • Pandora Williams (sister

Relatives Edit

  • Cole Van Zant (brother in-law)
  • Kaley Van Zant (adoptive niece)

Book Appearance Edit

The Werewolf Meets His Match Edit

The Professor Woos The Witch Edit

40 67-71 144-160 193-195 209 210 220-224 263? 278-283 288? 306-310

The Witch's Halloween Hero Edit

Kindle 53 77 156 220-279 302? 392? 548-560

Book Mentioned Edit

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl Edit

The Vampire's Valentine Surprise Edit


Miss Frost Ices The Imp Edit

Family Tree Edit

Unnamed Father
Corette Williams
Batholomew Stanhill
Pandora Williams
Cole Van Zant
Marigold Williams
Unnamed boyfriend
Charisma Williams
Kaley Van Zant
Saffie Williams

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