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Holly Dent is one overworked Reaper. After receiving orders from the Reaper’s Guild, she’s arrived in the beautiful Nocturne Falls for her next assignment—to assist the passing of one Max Hyland. She quickly realizes he’s devilishly handsome, wickedly charming and, Immortal. Immune to her magic, he has only one real power—not dying! Careful with his heart Max is resigned to remaining alone for all eternity—until the beautiful Reaper appears on his doorstep. Even though she’s bent on helping him pass from this life to the next, he can’t help wanting to learn more about her.  Torn between her growing affection for Max and completing her assignment, Holly calls upon her old mentor for help. However, as she and Max become closer, she learns that her former teacher has plans of his own, for taking the soul of an Immortal gives a Reaper great power—enough to destroy the Guild once and for all. Holly and Max must find a way to defeat him, for, if they fail, Max’s life is forfeit. Magic, intrigue and romance ensue—when it comes to Reaping the Immortal…

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An avid reader since childhood, Pamela Labud had dreamed of being a novelist. At age 13 she begged her parents for a typewriter for Christmas and started creating romantic stories of her own. Now, many years later she’s realized her dream, and become a multi-published author. In 2005, her first novel was a double finalist in the RWA’s prestigious RITA contest. She has since published in print, ebook and audio book versions and currently has a four book contract with Penguin Random House for her Hunt Club Novel, the first one will be out in January 2016.

Writing in the genres of Regency, Historical, Fantasy, Time Travel and Historical Western, she is thrilled to add Contemporary Paranormal to her body of work.

These days Pamela has a full life as a romance author, having previously worked full time as a registered nurse for 33 years, she now teaches Health Science and Certified Nursing Assistant courses to High School students. She and her husband have raised two daughters and now manage a busy house with six dogs, 3 cockatiels, 2 lovebirds, 3 finches, and 4 parakeets.

In addition to reading romance novels obsessively, Pamela enjoys going to spin class, as well as visiting the beach and local theme parks. When she’s not doing that, she spends her down time watching crime shows on TV, old movies, and anime.

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