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Willa was born in Rhoswynn to Jarrel and Melinna Iscovian in 1984. She was their first child. After extensive testing revealed she was a Lapidus Fae she was 'gifted to the court' at the age of seven, and her life pledged to serve the Fae Court.

After some training Willa ran away from Rhoswynn. After she ran away from court, she started at first using her skills to create small trinkets to sell and scrounge by. As her skills progressed, she eventually apprenticed with a master jeweler and within a year had surpassed him in skill.

Constantly moving to stay under the radar of the Fae she accepted a job on a cruise line in Florida. On her way from Texas to Florida she happened to stay in Nocturne Falls where the Ellinghams convinced her to stay with a promise of a shop, apartment and the promise she could be herself, pointed ears and all. Although the offier was more appealing than that of the cruise line the cruise line offered her the ability to never be in one spot for long. The Ellinghams sweetended the deal by promising and safety from her past.

Willa made Delaney Ellingham's engagement and wedding band, and sold Hank & Ivy theirs.

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Willa is a rare Lapidus Fae

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  • Jarrel Iscovian (Father)
  • Melinna Iscovian (Mother)

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  • Kyanna Iscovian (Sister)
  • Zane Iscovian (Brother)
  • Shay Iscovian (Sister)

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  • Nick Hardwin (engaged)

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  • Pandora Williams (Best Friend)

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The Vampire's Mail Order Bride Edit

Hugh asks Willa's help in creating an engagement ring for Delaney that will also protect her and ensure that the turning goes smoothly.. Willa agrees to make the ring.

The ring is a 3 ct Diamond ring cushion cut. It has a halo of smaller round brilliant diamonds and sapphires. On the inside of the band are moonstones, peridot, and turquoise.

The cost of the ring was $50,000 - $60,000 and Hugh had to give up something precious to him. He gives up the medallion that allows him to day walk for her magic

The Werewolf Meets His Match Edit

Hank takes Ivy to Illusions to purchase a ring. While Hank took a call from Birdie, Ivy and Willa narrow down the rings to 3 selections. Ivy selects the cheapest of the 3 rings, and Hank asks Willa to keep the 3 ring handy and he will call after he gets to the station to let her know which ring he selected for Ivy.

Hank picks out the Second ring in the selection, the one he knew Ivy liked best.

Willa also helped Hank pick their wedding bands. His is a plain band and hers was a diamond band that matched the engagement ring he selected.

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl Edit

While working on a custom piece to help a Rock Troll named Martin Burnside find love after the passing of his wife, she cuts herself and bleeds a little on the ring. Unfortunately a little bit of her blood remains on the ring after her cleaning, and the magic backfires causing Martin to obsess over her.

She goes to the town fountain where Gargoyles entertain the tourists during the day not knowing that the town recently hired a gargoyle to man the fountain at night.

Unknowingly she makes a wish that binds the gargoyle Nick Hardwin too protect her. It's an ancient magic where a Lapidus Fae can touch a gargoyle, make a wish and throw stone into water to seal the gargoyle into their service.

Once she learns that she has unintentionally enslaved him, she releases him from service and they start a relationship. After the 4th of July parade, Nick and Willa go to watch fireworks. Upon returning to Nick's home where Willa is staying after Martin has broken into her home, she is confronted by a brother she didn't know about and kidnapped. Nick and Willa are taken to Rhoswynn and imprisoned. Here they meet Shay who is Willa's youngest sister and also discovered to be a Lapidus Fae by Nick who can feel her power when she touches him.

Shay brings Willa some supplies which allow her to create a new "control' band which replaces the one that Kyanna created and Zane placed on Nick. After meeting Shay and knowing her parents worked to help her sister fail the tests, and meeting her parents again, she decides to 'join' Kyanna. Once she is presented to the King of Rhoswynn she announces she wishes to challenge Kyanna for the position of being queen.

The king has his adviser Gerard create a challenge for that is fitting for two Lapidus fae. Willa asks that the citizens of Rhoswynn be allowed to watch the challenge. Willa also asks to be allowed to speak to Gerard. The king allows this against protest from Kyanna. The challenge consists of dismantling the Oracle's Eggs which Gerard calls the Queen Makers. These are two identical objects that look like egg shaped bird cages. The wires are about as thick as a pinky finger and made of all different kinds of metal twisted together. The bottom of each cage balanced on a circle of polished marble. There are no visible pins or screws holding the cage there. Inside floated a large, perfect spherical clear crystal that was about 1 foot long and 6 inches around.

The Oracle's Eggs were designed by the greatest lapidus of the Rhoswynn Kingdom Wyndelia. She built one to show she could, and the second to show the first was not a trick. She also gave permission for the eggs to be used by the kingdom as needed. Willa identifies braids of Silver, Gold and Tungsten, another of Titanium, Steel and Copper. Another is Brass, Platinum and Bronze.

The official challenge designed by Gerard was to open her egg and remove the crystal without shattering it..

As Willa listens to the metals she hears pride in being used in such a beautiful object and by a lapidus of skill. There is also disappointment in the combinations they were used in. Overlaying the messages of the metals was a message from the crystal. "One wrong move and I will shatter." This makes the challenge even harder as untangling the braids would be difficult, but doing so without shattering the crystal might be impossible.

Willa chooses to work with the metals she's familiar with, Gold, Silver and Tungsten.

Willa starts with the silver strand. She tells the silver strand 'That's it, let me in. I'm a friend. I understand you and respect you. And I need you to help me. Unwind yourself from this tangle and stand free.'

Next she works on the gold strand. The gold was stubborn and proud of it's inclusion in the egg not wanting to leave. She tells the gold 'Imagine how many eyes will be on you when you get to stand alone. How many will see your gorgeous shine once you're no longer hidden by the other metals. That's it, untangle yourself and come to me. Silver did it, so I know you can. Show everyone how gorgeous and elegant you are.'

Willa's last thread to be removed from the Oracle's Egg is Tungsten which she knew would be tricky as there was no rushing Tungsten. It was a brittle and tricky metal that did what it wanted, when it wanted. Tungsten was sulky that Willa had chosen to remove gold and silver from the egg. She speaks to the tungsten with the message, 'Nobelist of metals, most rare and precious, I saved you for last for a reason. I wanted the sight of you gleaming like a captured star as the last impression in the minds of those watching. Your filaments bring light to the world. You strengthen other metals. Armies rely on your fierceness. you are the best of all the metals.' When the tungsten refuses to respond Willa starts to sing a lullaby she learned as a child at her mother's side. The song causes the metal to respond and she is able to remove the thread.

When Willa finishes removing the Tungsten, Kyanna succeeds in removing her crystal only to have it shatter disqualifying her from the competition. Kyanna claims the contest was rigged, but Gerard says the warning was built into the eggs and that since she failed to heed the warning she failed.

Willa is now the only one in contention for the crown but she must free the crystal without it shattering for her to win. She focuses on the crystal and became part of the crystal, willing it to turn. She then imagined the shard loose and uses a string of pure energy to slide the crystal out of the egg then with the same care gets the crystal to settle on the wooden platform. Her crystal does not shatter.

She takes a few breaths is proclaimed queen and then faints from exhaustion.

The Professor Woos The Witch Edit

Book 41 168 179? 265 316-318 340?

The Vampire's Fake Fiancée Edit

Book 45 54-58 341?


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The Witch's Halloween Hero Edit

Kindle 368

The Shifter Romances The Writer Edit

Willa worked with Pandora to crate a claw necklace to help Roxy turn into a panther. Willa worked on the metal side, Pandora built the main spell and combined their different magic's. As a sacrifice Roxy added her parents rings.

The Vampires True Love Trails Edit

Willa created a ring for Sebastian Ellingham for his girlfriend Tessa Blythe. She created a large Ceylon sapphire set in a halo of white diamonds with a few more trailing down the band.

Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case Edit

Book 38 119

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"Fae magic is born of the earth, and the truth is, if you were human and asking me for a fertility bracelet or a pendant to bring you love, I could guarantee. But when it comes to other supernatural, fae magic can't always control the situation. I can guide what happens. Beyond that, there are no certainties."

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Jarrel Iscovian
Melinna Iscovian
Nick Hardwin
Willa Iscove
Kyanna Iscovian
Zane Iscovian
Shay Iscovian